10th Anniversary Spring Gala Information Headquarters

Cast List & Order of Show

Please review our cast list and check the spelling of your dancer. If there is a misspelling, please email us at thestudioinola@gmail.com with the correction as soon as possible as we are working on our programs.


Hoe Down– Amaya Armenta, Sakura Casey, Maeve Graffagnini Quinn Mattei, Sara-Rachelle Robinson Andrea Silva, Reagan Stephens


Jazz Waltz No. 2 – Ileana D’Avanzo, Quinn France, Maeve Graffagnini, Ingrid Griener, Aubyn Miller, Claire Min, Claire Nobles, Katie Ortolano, Ann Catherine Schilling

Cool Girl– Vivian Palmer, Andrea Silva

Levitating- Madeleine Dominique, Madelyn Lambert, Zosia Lubecki

Just Out of Reach– Sakura Casey, Maeve Graffagnini, Sara-Rachelle Robinson, Andrea Silva

Clap Snap– Quinn LaCava, Elena Murphy, Audrey Stephens

Infra– Amaya Armenta, Sakura Casey, Quinn France, Maeve Graffagnini, Ingrid Griener, Ann Catherine Schilling, Andrea Silva

Day One– Madeleine Dominique, Molly Guillot, Emerson Morel

Interdependence– Amaya Armenta, Sakura Casey, Maeve Graffagnini, Danae Hartdegen, Quinn Mattei, Sara-Rachelle Robinson, Reagan Stephens


Petite Ballerinas– Reagan Stephens, Andrea Silva, Audrey Burns, Katherine Cedor, Ellie Davillier, Aubrey DeBlois, Camille DeBlois, Elizabeth Delord, Ivy Dennis, Lavena Ferras, Catalina Fuentes, Adrianna Ganci, Lincoln Hardeman, Charlotte Huck, Frances Johnson, Lorelai Johnson, Lucia Larsen, Remington Larsen, Ela Lubecki, Chloe Min, Sydney Pettingill, Kaia Pingalore, Yancie Valera



Milonga– Olivia Monnerjahn, Vivian Palmer, Andrea Silva


Are We There– Ileana D’Avanzo, Quinn France, Maeve Graffagnini, Ingrid Griener, Bryanna Guerra, Aubyn Miller, Claire Nobles

Harlequinade Variation– Andrea Silva

Work Hard, Play Hard– Sakura Casey, Maeve Graffagnini, Emile Mattei

Bailando– Ileana D’Avanzo, Sara-Rachelle Robinson

It’s for the Better– Sakura Casey, Ingrid Griener, Andrea Silva, Reagan Stephens

Feuerfest Polka– Valentina Aguilar, Yaeliz Alaniz, Adley Dejan, Addison Fullmer, Olivia Garcia, Bryanna Guerra, Molly Guillot, Anne Huck, Hayley LaCava, Quinn LaCava, Madelyn Lambert, Zosia Lubecki, Mary Macias, Emerson Morel, Elena Murphy, Ann Catherine Schilling, Audrey Stephens, Mila Tanguis, Juliette Trepagnier, Miriam Ungar

Falling Forward– Amaya Armenta, Sakura Casey, Maeve Graffagnini, Quinn Mattei, Sara-Rachelle Robinson, Andrea Silva, Reagan Stephens


Blue Danube

Valentina Aguilar, Amaya Armenta, Sakura Casey, Ileana D’Avanzo, Quinn France, Olivia Garcia,
Maeve Graffagnini, Ingrid Griener, Bryanna Guerra, Quinn LaCava, Madelyn Lambert, Zosia Lubecki, Mary Macias, Aubyn Miller, Sara-Rachelle Robinson, Ann Catherine Schilling, Andrea Silva, Audrey Stephens, Reagan Stephens, Juliette Trepagnier


Performance Day Information

Backstage Rules for Adults

  • NO MEN (dads and male dancers included) are allowed in female dressing rooms. This is to protect the privacy of all dancers.
  • No siblings, aunts, dads, uncles, cousins, neighbors, grandparents, etc are allowed in the backstage area. 
  • Pre-Ballet & Level 2 parents will each receive ONE backstage pass to enter the backstage area to assist with the dressing of their child before their performance. Access will be limited to before and after the show.
  • Access to the backstage area during the performance is not allowed
  • NO MEN will be allowed to use the backstage pass.
  • No adults that are not assigned as dressing rooms moms are allowed in Level 3 or higher dressing rooms one hour before the performance begins.
  • No parents with dancers Level 3 or higher should be backstage during the warm-up class.
  • Dressing rooms are for dressing and not parents applying makeup to students.
  • NO PICTURES may be taken in dressing rooms to ensure the privacy and comfort of all our dancers.
  • No Parents in Level 3+ dressing rooms – all dancers should be able to dress. If assistance is needed beyond the assistance of the backstage crew, the student should be placed in a Level 2 dressing room for parent assistance.
  • At the end of the performance, Pre-ballet & Level 2 mothers with passes may pick up their child from the dressing room once the dressing room mom has made sure the dressing room is clean. 
  • Level 3+ parents should wait in the theater for their child to dress and be released to meet their parents. The backstage dressing room crew will release each group after their dressing rooms are cleaned and tidy.

Dancer’s Backstage Rules

All dancers must be dressed for the show by 4:30 pm
• All dancers will wait in the “holding area” for their group to be called up to perform.
• Dancers are not allowed to roam the backstage area alone.
• Dancers are expected to keep a clean backstage area and pick up after themselves.
• All dance bags should be put on the floor so that any table space can be used for getting ready.
• Personal items should be packed and kept tidy to allow space for students that are changing between dances.
• Costumes should always be hung when not on your body.
• Dancers’ negligence to hang up costumes or pick up after themselves may result in a required paid backstage etiquette class (levels 3+ dancers)


• No outside food will be permitted in the backstage area. This will allow us to keep costumes and the backstage area clean. Should your dancer need a beverage, please make sure it’s water and in a sealed container

Saturday, June 10th Timeline

• 1:30 pm Arrive to Finish Setup
• 2:00 pm NOLA DANCE PROJECT (Level 3/4/5/6) Call Time
• 2:30-3:30 pm NOLA DANCE PROJECT (Level 3/4/5/6) Company Warmup Class
• 3:30 pm Arrival of Dancers
• 4:30 pm All Dancers Dressed and Moved to the “Holding Tank”
• 4:30 pm Doors Open
• 5:00 pm Show Starts
• 7:00 pm Approximately Show Ends
• 8:00 pm Break down and Clean Up

Audience Etiquette

Please ensure all your guests are aware of performance audience etiquette. Should a guest choose not to follow this rule Security will escort that audience member out of the auditorium and the audience member will not be allowed to return. This would be very disruptive for the performers, embarrassing for the guest, and uncomfortable for everyone. You are responsible for the guests you invite or bring to the Spring Gala. Please inform them ahead of time of the rules and etiquette for audience members.

  • No Food or Beverage is allowed in the theatre.
  • This is not a school fair performance.  You are buying a ticket for the entire performance, please plan to stay for the entire show.
  • Do not stand up during performances as it is distracting to dancers and family members trying to watch their performers.
  • If there is a need to leave the auditorium, wait until the dance is finished and exit during a break between dances. If security notices someone continually going in and out of his/her seat they will be requested to sit at the back of the auditorium for the remainder of the show
  • For the safety of our dancers, NO ONE will be allowed to go backstage during the performance to take children home, check on dancers, etc. There will be a stationed guard that will block the entrance for anyone not in the backstage crew during the performance. Backstage crew members will have an assigned backstage lanyard.
  • It is up to the discretion of The Studio School of Dance Director to remove any audience member, parent/guardian, volunteer, or performer who is disrespectful to any Security, volunteer, Director, or staff member working the Spring Gala.

Spring Gala Checklist

Please use this checklist as a reference to prepare for our performance. Make sure to label all of your belongings.

• Eyeshadow*
• Eyeliner
• Foundation
• Eyelashes/ Eyelash Glue (Level 3/4/5/6)
• Loose Powder
• Blush
• Red Lipstick
• Mascara
• Makeup Brushes
• Makeup Remover
• Q-tips & Cotton Balls

*Eyeshadow should be Dark Brown for the crease and medium brown for the lid and white to highlight.

• Brush
• Hair Elastics (must be the same color as hair)
• Bobby Pins
• Hair Nets (must be the same color as hair)
• Hair Pins (must be the same color as hair)
• Hairspray
• Fine Tooth Comb
• Toothbrush

• Costume with headpiece (will be at the theater)
• Ballet Pink Tights (make sure to have extra)
• Black Jazz Shoes (Latin Level 2 & Jazz)
• Ballet Shoes
• Pointe Shoes
• Black Hip Hop Sneakers
• Nude Latin Heels ( Level 4)
• Earrings (will be at the theatre, NDP only)
• Nude Leotard (in case the costume is itchy)
• Skin Tone Pasties (level 3/4/5/6)

• Sewing Kit
• Scissors
• Mirror
• Extra Tights
• Safety Pins
• Nail Clippers
• Nail File
• Deodorant
• Band-Aids

Stage Makeup

  • The link below is a good reference tool when applying makeup to your dancer.
  • Please remember that the makeup will need to be applied heavier than daily wear because we want to make sure that their features are defined on the stage.
  • I highly recommend using Lip-sense Lipstick or something that does not smudge. This lipstick is the best thing invented since sliced bread. You can apply it to your kids and not have to worry about them rubbing it off or getting it all over their costumes


• All dancers are required to wear their hair as shown in the picture below.
• I will demonstrate how to create this during your dancer’s class.
• I recommend that you practice this hairdo during performance week so that you can get used to doing it.
• If you still have trouble, please arrive early to the theatre and I will try to do their hair for you.

Photo Day Information

Photos will be taken on Saturday, June 17 with the first appointment starting at 10:00 am, we will meet at Milestone Photography(3735 Florida Ave, Kenner, La 70065 ). It should not take more than 15 minutes per family but it will depend on how cooperative the kids are when taking pictures. We will try our best to stay on track and on time. If there is a gap in the schedule I will push up the times so please schedule yourself for the earliest time you can come. If you have multiple dancers taking photos please include both their names when you sign up for your family time slot. We will overlap if we need to.

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