6-week Beginner Belly Dance Intensive

Learn to Belly Dance * Awaken the Goddess * Workout * De-Stress * Detoxify * Relax

6-week Beginner Belly Dance Intensive SOLD OUT!!!

Space is limited * Register Today
Registration Deadline: Saturday, January 11

To register: Email km@karlamariefineart.com

Starts Thursday, January 16, 2014

(Available for 6 weeks and 4 weeks)

At the end of this session you will know….

-Know the Basic 12 Belly Dance moves

-Understand your unique body and movements

-Condition and tone your arms, lower back, and abs

-Learn to increase the flow of synovial fluid (nature’s lubricant) in your joints and ligaments to allow for better circulation and mobility

-Improve your posture through balance and control.

-Learn relaxation and restorative techniques that will  help you de-stress at home or work.

At the end of this session you will be a Belly Dancer!


4 Class Card $60
6  Class Card $80
10  Class Card $100
20  Class Card $175
Drop in $20
One Day Workshop $20 early registration/$30 same day

January 16-February 20

Week 1* (January 16): Intro
Week 2 (January 23): The Basic 12
Week 3 (January 30): Hands & Arms/Footwork
Week 4 (February 6): Undulations/Shimmies
Week 5 (February 13): Travel steps/Sequences
Week 6 (February 20): Layering/Accents

*No Drop ins on 1/16

One Day Workshops:

Saturday, January 25 (Goddess-Shop)

Saturday, February 8 (Shimmy-Shop)

Saturday, March 29 (It’s a Hafla!)

  Reasons to get a Belly Dance Class Card:

-Class Cards NEVER expire

-They are good for ANY class offered by Karla Marie

-Receive DISCOUNTS on all classes, as low as $8/class

-You can use your card for WORKSHOPS (use 2 credits)

-Receive early registration DISCOUNT every time you use your class card for a workshop

-Class cards MAY BE SHARED (Invite a goddess to class or share your card for an entire session)

Karla Marie has been teaching regular belly dancing classes in the Greater New Orleans area since 2008, classically trained in ballet and jazz, trained in Latin Dance, West Coast Swing. Learned to Belly Dance with at the MidEastern Dance Exchange in South Beach under the direction of Belly Dance Superstars Bozenka and Tamalyn Dallal.


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