3 Belly Dance Workshops!!!


Belly Dance Workshops

$20 early registration

$30 Drop in

All 3 for $50 if you register by January 20

Space is Limited

To register: Email km@karlamariefineart.com


Saturday, January 25


Awaken the Goddess Workshop:

(Beginner level)

Although we will incorporate Belly Dancing elements, this is not a Belly Dancing class.

* Activate your Chakras

* Guided Meditation and Relaxation

* Focus on restorative techniques, alignment, and flow

* Discover Balance, Fluidity, and increase circulation for better overall health.

* Awaken the Goddess, connect, and renew your spirit

When we Awaken the Goddess, we get in touch with our true power — our flow, intuition, vulnerability and strength. We also get to experience some of what holds us back from a deeper connection with ourselves and others – self judgment, judgment of others, jealousy and competition. In so doing we can finally embrace our wholeness.

(Bring an open mind and open heart)

Bring a journal and a pencil, and a yoga mat.

$20 early registration (by January 20)

$30 Drop in

Space is Limited

To register: Email km@karlamariefineart.com


Saturday, February 8


Shimmy Shop Workshop:

(Intermediate Level)

This is a Belly Dancing Workshop. You must have taken at least 6 Basic level Belly Dance classes or know the following basic moves: Shoulder and hip shimmies, wrist circles, hip circles, 3 point turn, camels, belly rolls, and egyptian walk to register.

This Belly Dance workshop will focus on layering moves, traveling, and turning.

* Explore shimmies… layering them, traveling with them, incorporating them to undulating moves

* Drills, drills, drills: 3/4 steps, traveling hip snaps and layered shimmies.

* Learn footwork and turns, including arm movements and flutters.

* Accent moves.

Be ready to shimmy, shake, undulate! Challenge your mind and your body.

Bring a towel and lots of water!

$20 early registration (by February 1)

$30 Drop in

Space is Limited

To register: Email km@karlamariefineart.com


Saturday, March 29


It’s a Fusion Hafla:

(Open Level)

This fun Dancing Workshop will allow you to explore rhythm and flow and your body! (Belly Dance, and even some Latin, Africa, Brass Band, and more amazing rhythms to help you shimmy, shake, and move your body!!!)

* You will start with an introduction to different dance forms including Latin, African, and Brass Band to allow our minds and bodies to relax and invite movement and flow.

* We will then explore Belly Dance traveling steps and basic sequences, group belly dance and flow.

* This Open level workshop is great for everyone from beginners to advanced dancers!

It’s a great opportunity to DANCE and let go while learning Basic Latin and Belly Dance~

No dance experience necessary.

$20 early registration (by March 10)

$30 Drop in

Space is Limited

To register: Email km@karlamariefineart.com


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