Summer at The Studio

The Studio School of Dance is thrilled to offer a variety of classes for our Summer Sessions. We have something for all ages. Please click on the links below to see more information and register. Space is LIMITED!!!

Dance Boot Camp Train with The Studio Faculty and WORLD CLASS guest teachers. Two weeks of fun all while strengthening your child ages 12 and older as a dancer, expanding their artistic voice and broadening their movement vocabulary in new and exciting ways.This camp is for serious dancers looking to continue their dance training during the Summer. Student will participate in the following styles of dance:BALLET•POINTE• VARIATIONS•JAZZ•CONTEMPORARY•HIP-HOP• PILATES •FLOOR BARRE•  STRENGTH/CONDITIONING

Adult Ballet Workshop Adult Dancers can train with Patricia Perez and Abdelazis Roque from Naples Dance Conservatory . This week-long course will  strengthen your as a dancer, expand your  artistic voice and broaden your movement vocabulary in new and exciting ways.This workshop is for dancer in the advanced level ages 18 and older.

Fairytale Dance Camp– Come join us for our new Fairytale Dance Camp!   Children age 3-7 will enjoy adventures in learning, growing, and sharing childlike wonder through dance, theatre and crafts.

Superhero Camp- For children ages 3 to 7 (preschool 2nd grade)This fun camp includes a reading and a performance of a superhero. Participants are welcome to come dressed up as their favorite superhero. Movement instruction, craft and a snack are also included.

Mommy & Me– With Mommy (or Daddy) close by, students will learn the basics of dance, while engaging in hands-on movement activities essential to proper development in coordination, recognizing music and rhythms, counting and timing, and self-confidence. Students learn to stretch and dance through the use of exciting props such as dance scarves, rhythm sticks, hula hoops and ribbon sticks. Moms love this opportunity to be a part of their child’s dance education. This classes will return in July to its regularly schedule time

ZUMBA– Forget the workout, just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape at the original dance-fitness party. Zumba® classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you’ll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring! It’s easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating.

Private Instruction-No two dancers are alike, either cognitively or physically. Therefore, we acknowledge that group instruction often needs to be augmented with private training, designed for the specific mental, physical and even emotional needs of a dancer. Most importantly, private instruction reduces or even eliminates the risk of injury. A student’s specific alignment, bone structure and muscle strength will be thoroughly analyzed, in order to train that student in the safest and most efficient way to execute the technique that he or she is learning. Please Contact Diana Madrigal-Barnitz for private instruction at

Contemporary Workshop– Join The Studio School of Dance and Storytellers Dance Project in our very first Contemporary Workshop. Come take class from Leigh Brockman Horowitz, Founder, Director, Choreographer in this week long course.

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