The Studio School of Dance wants to thank everyone for their generous contributions through our Local Lift  Campaign. We raised $2,425.00!!!

 Jacquline Bodet,  Charlene Persich, Brandon Garza, Julia Barrow, Emily Aslett, Allison Bowler, Desirae Ernst, April Sanchez, Mary Dwyer, Janis Aslett, Anne Wingfield, Peter Barnitz, Vinicio Madrigal, Carmelina Madrigal, Vini Madrigal, Kristi Tennison, Victoria Welch, Debbie Miller, Cindy Taylor, Leigh Brockman, John Barnitz, Elizabeth Knoth, Madeline Guerin Palmer, Kier Braendel, Caroline Fenger, Lindsay Navarro, Crystal Vaccaro, Brenda Wambsgans LintingerABM_1412637806

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