Dance on Film Project

Dance on Film Project

Our 6th Annual Spring Gala Performance is going digital.

Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to celebrate our end of the season performance virtually. We are excited to celebrate the achievements of our students and share the final product of their hard work.

What to expect

  • You will see our dancers performing beautiful choreography created not only by our choreographers but also by the dancers themselves.
  • You will see performance art filmed all over the Greater New Orleans Area giving you a unique dance experience.
  • The virtual performance is roughly 80 minutes long.

We invite you from near and far to #jointhedance on Saturday, September 19th at 6pm cst for the encore presentation of our Dance on Film Project from the comfort of your own home.

To receive access to our Dance on Film Project you must purchase one of our virtual tickets through PayPal or Venmo links below. Virtual ticket price for our encore performance is $20 per viewer. Please make sure to include in the notes of your payment the email you wish the link to be sent to.

Your audience participation and purchase of our virtual ticket will help us continue our mission of enhancing, educating, and inspiring our community through dance.


1. How long is the film?   The film is about 80 min. 

2. Do I need to buy a virtual ticket for each viewing person?  Yes. This performance is a fundraiser and selling virtual tickets is more important than ever. This  virtual event will helps us grow our performance budget so that we can continue to provide your dancers quality performance experiences throughout the year. So to better explain it: 

 If you have a family of 4 who are planning to watch this virtual performance you should purchase 4   $20 regular view tickets  (4x$20= $80 venmo or paypal) 

Each virtual ticket sold gives you in essence a seat in our virtual theatre. You can’t buy 1 ticket to a live performance and then bring other people with you.

3. Will this performance be entertaining even if my dancer is not a participant? 100%!!! This is a performance that will entertain all. Everyone worked very hard to put on this virtual show together. For those of  who couldn’t participate, this is your chance to support and cheer for your child’s classmates and well as support your  dance school. For those of you who are new to our studio family, this give you an opportunity to see what our final performance is like and it allows you to see what the training would be like for your dancer as they get older. 

4. Do I need to do anything to prepare for the streaming?  I would suggest that on the day of the show your turn off any and all devices that are connected to your wifi with the exception of the one your plan to use to stream the performance.  We have streamed this performance a few times in different location to make sure it runs smoothly and while we can make sure that thing run in order we can’t guarantee no buffering. It will depend on what kind of bandwidth you have at home. This is why we are giving our regular viewers extra time on Saturday to view the show incase it take some time to upload. We will send a email with additional tips as we get closer to the performance day.

5. What if I can’t get it to work?  I will be available thru the Facebook event page to chat should any problems with the link come up. I plan to monitor the event page during the premier and make sure I can help. Please note I can’t do anything about your wifi or bandwidth.

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