Mommy and Me

(Ages 1-3 years)

With Mommy (or Daddy) close by, students will learn the basics of dance, while engaging in hands-on movement activities essential to proper development in coordination, recognizing music and rhythms, counting and timing, and self-confidence. Students learn to stretch and dance through the use of exciting props such as dance scarves, hula hoops and ribbon sticks. Moms love this opportunity to be a part of their child’s dance education.

Classe are held  Saturday from 9:15-10:00 am


(Please note that students turning 3 have the option of joining the Pre-Ballet Class to continue dance training along with Mommy & Me Class)

Class Rate during the school year-

  • Registration Fee $15.00
  • By the class $15.00
  • Class cards can be purchased at The Studio
    • 5 class package $60.00 (classes expire 3 months from date of purchase)
    • 10 classes package $90.00 (classes expire 3 months from date of purchase)

To Register please click “Register” next to the camp you wish to attend. We accept  Mastercard, Visa, Discover.You will receive confirmation from The Studio within 24 hours of your registration!!


Please Contact Us to verify class schedule as things are subject to change and to purchase your punch card.


Q: Is the Mommy & Me  a dance class?
A: The Mommy & Me  program is focused on movement, coordination, balance, rhythm, stretching, and basic kinetic skills for your little one. The class is set to music and will feature basic dance steps.

Q: Do my child and I need previous dance experience?
A: This is the perfect program for beginning dancers because it allows for the learning experience to take place at The Studio School of Dance. All steps are demonstrated by the instructor with the correct execution of the movement, musicality, and French terminology so that beginner moms and children, alike, can understand the fundamentals of dance together.

Q: What if my child and I already have dance experience?
A: This program is also designed for those with dance experience who would like to combine a love of dance with special quality time with Mom. Repetition is essential for mastering dance techniques and with Mom as a part of the class experience, students will feel safe and secure, allowing for optimum learning.

Q: What do we wear to Mommy and Me Class?
A:  Our tiny ballerinas mainly wear leotards, ballet tights, and ballet slippers. It is not mandatory to wear the ballet uniform but it is highly recommended since it will allow them to move freely.  Our mommies simply wear clothes  that allow them to move in. Most tend to attend class in workout style clothes.