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2021 Spring Gala Information

2021 Spring Gala Information

Hello Everyone!!

I plan to update this page over the next  few days with all the infromation you will need to be ready for the Spring Gala. All of our dancers have been working extremely hard the last few month and are excited to return to the stage for the first time since Covid shutdown. following topics:

  1. Important Dates/ Deadlines
  2. 2021 Cast List (UPDATED 5.27.2021)
  3. May/ June Schedule (UPDATED  5.27.2021)
  4. Spring Gala Checklist
  5. Hair, Makeup, Costume, Tights
  6. Tickets
  7. Dress Rehearsal
  8. Performance Information

Please reference this page I will try my best to be as detailed as possible. If you have any questions please write them down as ask them during the meeting so that all the parents can hear. This will make my life much easier as the workload is heavy this time of the year.

Important Dates/Deadlines

Cast List

Please review the following cast list. Please make sure your child’s name is spelled correctly. We will be using these lists for our program.

May/ June Rehearsal Schedule

Please visit our google calendar DAILY next week to confirm the rehearsal schedule. It is extremely important that your dancer be present at each one of these rehearsals. This our last push before we move to the stage. The more we can do ahead of time, the less we worry about during dress rehearsal. Please make sure to arrive on time.

Parents, please stay nearby as dancers may be let out early. Should you have to leave and come back just let us know and we will keep your dancer in the studio until you return.


Spring Gala Checklist

Your checklist below will make sure you have everything you need

Stage Makeup

• The link below is a good reference tool when applying makeup to your dancer.
• Please remember that the makeup will need to be applied heavier than daily wear because we want to make sure that their features are defined on the stage.
• I highly recommend using Lip-sense Lipstick. This lipstick is the best thing invented since sliced bread. You can apply it on your kids and not have to worry about them rubbing it off or getting it all over their costume. I will have a representative selling the lipstick after our parent’s meeting.


• All dancers are required to wear their hair as shown in the picture below.
• I will demonstrate how to create this hair during our parent’s meeting.
• I recommend that you practice this hairdo during performance week so that you can get used to doing it.
• If you still have trouble, please arrive early to the theatre and I will try to do their hair for you.

Performance Tights

 ALL DANCERS MUST WEAR NEW TIGHTS FOR THEIR PERFORMANCE. We like for all dancers to wear the same kind so that they are the same color. We do a bulk order to help keep the cost down for everyone.

If you did not order through the studio,  Please purchase the following brand, style and color from Carmel’s Dancewear or Ennie’s Humbug

  • Capezio Toddler Transition Tights with Self Knit Waistband Style #1916x in Ballet Pink
  • Capezio Girls Ultra Soft Transition Tights with Self Knit Waistband Style #1916c in Ballet Pink
  • Capezio Adult Ultra Soft Transition Tights with Self Knit Waistband Style #1916 in Ballet Pink

Ticket Sales 


A few things to know before sale day:

  • Our shows are approximately 1 hour in length, so there will be no intermission.
  • Dancers participating in the Spring Gala do not need a ticket and do not need to be included in your count. All dancers are required to stay backstage during the entire performance.
  • All audience members need a ticket to enjoy our performance. It is up to you to use your best discretion about leaving infants and small children at home. If small audience members cannot sit quietly for that length of time it would be best to leave them at home. Remember that disruptions in the audience make it extremely hard on the students trying to perform on stage and are distracting to other audience members who have also paid for tickets and traveled to see our performance.
  • Should you wish your party to sit together at the theatre, please purchase tickets altogether. We cannot guarantee seats otherwise.
  • Should you need any assistance during the purchasing process, please call Tutu Tix directly at 855-222-2TIX(2849). I am unable to make any changes or assist once tickets go on sale. 

Ticket prices will be:

  •  Adult (11 and older) Reserved Seating $20.00 plus fees
  • Child (10 and under) Reserved Seating $15.00 plus fees

Note that you will need a credit or debit card to buy tickets, and that tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. So, buy early to get better seats!

TutuTix charges a low, fair fee for their service. You’ll see their $1 per ticket fee, plus a 5% processing charge added to your order at checkout.

You’ll have several options for how you want your ticket delivered. You can have it emailed to you, sent to your mobile phone internet browser, and even add it to your Apple Passbook (if you have the latest iPhone software) at no charge! Or, you can choose to have TutuTix mail you foil-embossed keepsake tickets for an additional fee– with your dancer’s name printed directly on the ticket!

Dress Rehearsal Information

Dress rehearsal is MANDATORY for all dancers participating in the Spring Gala. During rehearsals, all participants are to remain with their classmates in a designated area, and during the gala, all participants must remain backstage for the entire show. They must remain with their classmates and backstage volunteers.


LOCATION: Westwego Performing Arts Theatre 177 Sala Ave, Westwego, LA 70094

TIMES: Times will be Announced Soon.

PLEASE NOTE: We will try our best to stick to this schedule but times are subject to change. ALL TIMES CHANGES WILL BE ANNOUNCED VIA OUR STUDIO MOBILE APP. Please be patient with us and do not plan any extra activities on this day. It is important for all dancers to be focused and rested for the task at hand. We will try to rehearse and run the dances in order with lights and sound if we have time. I am trying to make Saturday easier for all.

Dress Rehearsal Rules:

1. DRESS REHEARSAL IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. We will allow one parent per family to attend the dress rehearsal. Please do not bring siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. to dress rehearsal.

2. Please DO NOT drop off children for dress rehearsal. Parents must accompany their child at all times.

3. Hair must be in proper studio bun. Please reference photo below.

4. Costumes are not allowed to leave the backstage area

5. There is NO eating or drinking in costume. Water is allowed in the Theatre

6. Please remove all jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) nail polish of any color, sticky tattoos, stamps.

7. Make sure that all your personal items are labeled. The Studio School of Dance and Rivertown Theater are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

8. The recording of our dress rehearsal is not permitted. This is to protect the rights of the choreographer. 9.Parents are free to take photos of the dancers while on stage as long as no flash is used, and it is not a distraction. Please do not post photos until after the completion of our firs show.

Performance Information

Performance Dates: June 5th & 6th

Cast A Performance Times: Saturday 1:00pm & Sunday 5:30pm

Cast B Performance Times: Saturday 5:30pm & Sunday 1:00pm

Location: Westwego Performing Arts Theatre 177 Sala Ave, Westwego, LA 70094

Performance Rules and Audience Etiquette :

Please arrive with hair and makeup done

Dancers must remain in the backstage area during the entire performance. Dancers will be released to their parents at the end of the show based on the theatre’s protocol.

Parents are not allowed to come and go from the backstage area during the performance. Once the performance begins our volunteers will be responsible for the kids performing or waiting in the dressing. Please enjoy the show and let us take care of the rest.

No family or friends are allowed in the backstage area. We have a very limited space and it is best if only the parent responsible for dressing dancers enter the backstage area.

There is no eating or drinking in costume

All performers should remove makeup and costume before leaving the theatre as well as changing out of there their costumes.

If you have volunteered to work the backstage area, you will not be permitted to watch the show. You must remain in the backstage area at all times.


Please remain seated for the entire performance. Our performance is 1 hour. Plan accordingly with other guests that this is treated as a professional performance and it is not proper to leave the auditorium unless it is an emergency. It is disrespectful to the performers and other audience members.

Do not get up during a dance. If there is a need to leave the auditorium, wait until the dance is finished and exit during a break between dances. If security notices someone continually going in and out of his/her seat they will be requested to sit at the back of the auditorium for the remainder of the show.

It is up to the discretion of The Studio School of Dance Director to remove any audience member, parent/guardian, volunteer, or performer who is disrespectful to any Security, volunteer, Director or staff member working the Spring Gala.