Steps: Open Class Program

Steps: Open Class Program

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The Steps: Open Class Program offers something for everyone. Developed with the highest level of artistic excellence, our program supports dancers interested in taking one to multiple dance classes per week in different styles. This program offers dancers the opportunity to tailor their schedules based on their age to fit their needs. Although this program offers some “flexibility” to the dancers’ schedule, a certain level of commitment will be expected in order for the dancer to actually gain something from these classes as well as perform.

Steps: Open Class Program will offer classes in the following styles: Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz Latin, and Hip-Hop. For a description of classes please click here 

Registration is now open. Register for classes online by clicking on the button below. 

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  • *All Schedules are subject to change. The Studio reserves the right to combine or cancel classes based on enrollment.

Registration and Tuition Details

  • Steps: Open Class Program Registration is open August 1, 2021-January 31,2022
  • The Studio School of Dance requires a minimum of 4 students to be registered in order for the class to be offered on a regular basis. 
  • Registration Fee: New Student $55.00 / Returning Student $45.00
  • Monthly, Semester, Annual payment options are available
  • All tuition must be paid in full by May 8, 2022. Students will not be able to continue participation in the program unless tuition is paid in full or a payment plan is set up.
  • Students must meet the class’s required age by September 1, 2021 in order to register


Hours per weekMonthlySemester


(Sept- Dec)



(Jan- May)

1 hour$60.00$228.00$285.00$486.00
2 hours$110.00$418.00$522.50$891.00
3 hours$135.00$513.00$641.25$1,093.50
4 hours$165.00$627.00$783.75$1,336.50
5 hours$200.00$760.00$950.00$1,620.00

*Fees do not include any fees related to the dancer’s Spring Gala participation.

Dress code for Steps: Open Class Program 

All students are required to adhere to the dress code in order to participate. Please refer to our Dress Code page for specific requirements. Click Here