Twinkle Toes

Dance is a great way for kids from all walks of life to express themselves. It’s a universal language, right?! Well, Twinkle Toes gives children the outlet to do just that.Our program is designed for individuals with physical or developmental disabilities. Individuals must be ambulatory.  Our program will offer opportunities for artistic expression through the exploration of movement and dance concepts in a safe structured environment. The goal of this program is for students to build self-esteem, confidence, respect, collaboration and cooperation with peers and adults, technique, fine and gross motor skills in a framework conclusive to the child’s needs.

Classes will begin Monday, September 19th

The classes are offered on:

  • Monday  5:00-6: 00 pm

Class Rate-

  • Registration Fee: $40.00 ( fee includes a Studio School of Dance T-shirt)
  • By the class $25.00
  •  Monthly Fee $80.00
  • 10% tuition discount apply if paid a semester in advance

To Register please click “Register” simply reserve your spot in the class. We accept  Master Card, Visa, Discover.

Register Class Days Times Ages Class Starts Registration Fee
Register Twinkle Toes Mon 5:00pm-6:00pm 4-8 years 09/12/2016 $40.00



Q. What is your class like?
A. Our special needs dance class is similar to any other dance class with only a few slight differences. We start with an uncomplicated series of stretches, warming up our head and arms, then sitting down in a straddle to reach for one side, then the other, to the middle, and then a pike stretch with pointed feet and flexed feet, and we finish with a butterfly stretch. We do these in a circle so that we can all see each other on an equal level. We want to ensure our seating arrangement reinforces that all who are invited to sit are highly and equally favored. We then form two lines (applying ‘window’ spacing) to work on a dance. Some weeks we practice some technique and steps before our dance. Other weeks we go straight into working on our dance. We keep the music upbeat and fun but not too fast, the routines simple and the steps slow.

Q. Does my child need to have dance experience?
A. No Experience is required. This is the perfect program for beginning dancers. All steps are demonstrated by the instructor with the correct execution of the movement, musicality, and terminology so that beginner dancers can understand the fundamentals of dance together.

Q. What should my dancer wear to class?
A. Dancers participating in our class are allowed to wear but not limited to Leotard and tights, Leggings, Jazz pants, T-shirts. Please have your hair pulled away from your face in a ponytail.