Open house flyerRegister  for the 2018-2019 Training Year!!! By signing up you are merely reserving  a spot in of our school.  There is a $35 non-refundable registration plus one full month must be paid to secure your spot. This will be applied to May 2019 and is non-refundable. 

Classes will begin Wednesday, September 5th. 

To Register please click “Register” link below to join The Studio School of Dance.We accept  MasterCard, Visa, Discover.

Once you pay your registration fee, you will receive an email giving you access to our  parent portal to begin enrolling in classes.

If you are new to The Studio School of Dance and have not taken a placement class, please contact us via email to set up a time to do so.

Register Class Description Registration
Register 2018-2019 OPEN ENROLLMENT Register for the 2018-2019 Training Year by clicking on the “Classes and Events” tab on top right hand side of your screen. By signing up you are merely reserving a spot in of our school. Schedule and Class Level will be sent by email or given to the student during Open House. Classes will begin Wednesday, September 5th. There is a $35 non-refundable registration plus one full month must be paid to secure your spot. This will be applied to May 2019 and is non-refundable. PLEASE NOTE THIS ENROLLMENT IS NOT FOR MOMMY AND ME OR ADULT BALLET 35.00
Register Adult Ballet It’s never too late to learn ballet or get back in to ballet. Taking part in an adult Ballet class is good for your body as well as your mind. Besides promoting cardiovascular fitness and posture this introductory class provides a welcoming and friendly class for adults. 15.00
Register Art With Barnitz Art Come and have fun exploring art projects and discover your creativity! The Studio School of Dance and BARNITZ ART are partnering up to offer fine arts classes for children between the ages 5 to 13.  The weekly Saturday Morning sessions are the ideal environment for making art because it supports kid’s creativity, builds self-esteem and rewards their parents with artworks created by their children. Courses include: Art Foundations; Art Fundamentals; Advanced Art. Each semester will end with an Art Show displaying the kids work. 35.00
Register Boys Hip Hop Class Join our Boys Hip Hop Class!! It’s the perfect energy outlet for your guy!  Our class focuses on the basic elements of Hip Hop technique that involves isolations, grooves, coordination, rhythm, agility, and flexibility. Dancers will explore popping, locking, basic breaking fundamentals, popular social dances, and freestyle. This class is geared towards creating an environment where boys ages 5-13 years old can feel confident, comfortable, and excited to experience the fun of dance while building friendships. 35.00
Register Homeschooling Program Semester 1 This program, focused on the art of dance, is formulated with the homeschooler in mind. Our quality program offers meaningful and enriching experiences, using dance to cultivate emotional expression and self-esteem, while developing lasting friendships. In addition to teaching the history behind the steps and the movement used in dance, our supportive and professional staff provides dance training that enhances balance, coordination, rhythm, and body awareness. 35.00
Register Mommy and Me With Mommy (or Daddy) close by, students will learn the basics of dance, while engaging in hands-on movement activities essential to proper development in coordination, recognizing music and rhythms, counting and timing, and self-confidence. Students learn to stretch and dance through the use of exciting props such as dance scarves, rhythm sticks, hula hoops and ribbon sticks. Moms love this opportunity to be a part of their child’s dance education. 15.00


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