2023-2024 Class Schedule & School Calendar

  • Classes begin Thursday, August 24th.
  • There is a minimum of 6 students required for the class to remain on the schedule. Should a class not reach 6 enrolled students, a class may be combined with another or removed entirely off the schedule
  • Age ranges for classes are guidelines and are based on students having completed all prior levels. Our teachers will be able to advise which level is appropriate for your student and will decide the best placement. Students do NOT move themselves up to the next level without teacher approval, regardless of age. Placement is subject to change after 1st week of class if the instructor feels the child has been placed incorrectly.
  • The Studio School of Dance is to provide your dancer with the proper training to become proficient in dance specifically Ballet/Contemporary/Modern. It is important that whether your dancers is dancing recreationally/ hobby or want to pursue a career in dance we do everything we can to develop a well-rounded dancer. Below are recommendations of Ballet/ Contemporary/ Modern classes per week for your dancers based on our programs, their ages, and levels.  Please note that  Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Circus Arts, and Tumbling are all meant to be recreational classes for dancers to explore the movement of their bodies, but we are first and foremost at Ballet / Modern/ Contemporary school. Those who wish to take our recreational classes and only recreational classes can enroll in those classes. 
    • Petite Ballet / Pre-Ballet meets 1 time a week
    • Level I is recommended to attend Ballet 1
    • Level II is encouraged to attend Ballet 2 times a week
    • Level III is encouraged to attend Ballet 2 times a week & Improv/Contemporary 1 a week
    • Level IV is encouraged to attend Ballet 3-4 times a week & Pre-Pointe, Improv/ Modern, Contemporary1- 2 times a week.
    • Level V is encouraged to attend Ballet 4-5 times a week & Pointe, Improv/ Modern, Contemporary 1- 2 times a week.
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