Private Instruction



No two dancers are alike, either cognitively or physically. Therefore, we acknowledge that group instruction often needs to be augmented with private training, designed for the specific mental, physical and even emotional needs of a dancer.

Most importantly, private instruction reduces or even eliminates the risk of injury. A student’s specific alignment, bone structure and muscle strength will be thoroughly analyzed, in order to train that student in the safest and most efficient way to execute the technique that he or she is learning.

This program is geared towards serious students  wishing to advance at an accelerated pace. Dancers ages 8 and up are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this invaluable program.

Email Diana at for information on available times and pricing.

Time: 11:00 am -4:00 pm 
Age: 8 and up (Please contact about lessons for 7 and under)
Limited Class Size: 1 students per class (Please contact about semi-private classes)